Measures taken by the PSI Recruitment Board for transparent and impartial recruitment process:

Sufficient steps shall be taken by Recruitment Board, so that the recruitment process is conducted fairly and in an absolutely transparent manner through the use of appropriate technology.

  • 1. RFID shall be used for Physical test.
  • 2. CCTV cameras shall be installed for physical test, so that there is no room for any irregularity.
  • 3. Biometrics and photographs of candidates shall be obtained for those who pass the physical test and physical measurement test. On the basis of this, in the examination that follows, biometrics and photographs shall be verified.
  • 4. Preliminary exam shall be conducted after physical test.
  • 5. Main exam shall be conducted after preliminary exam.
  • 6. For preliminary exam and main exam, only those exam centers at city / district, having the facility of CCTV cameras, shall be used.
  • 7. Strong rooms shall be under CCTV surveillance round the clock.